Optimizing Corporate Sustainability With Real-time Data

From its “green team” origins, corporate sustainability has found its way into the executive suite and corporate boardroom. Many organizations now have a chief sustainability officer, and some of these same companies routinely issue reports on their progress toward sustainability. However, largely missing from the sustainability calculus is a way to move into the mainstream of day-to-day workplace decisions. For sustainability to reach the next level, operations staff who make resource decisions need feedback and visibility on the results of their actions, and senior executives need a way to gauge performance so they can reward improvements and troubleshoot lingering problems.

The maxim ‘what gets measured, gets done’ still applies to any organization that intends to drive its operations to a higher level of efficiency. However, building a sustainable business during times of great change and uncertainty will require an updated perspective, new tools and skillsets to make sustainable thinking part of the organizational culture, as well as to empower employees to take action. This whitepaper describes a metrics-based approach to sustainability that leverages real-time data to help organizations improve performance.

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