Storage 101 for Solar Installers

Energy storage is almost here. Residential installers in the U.S. that want to take advantage of consumer demand for adding storage to new or existing PV installations need to help their customers understand their home energy usage over time and use that knowledge to get insights on future energy demands. As states reassess their net metering and energy policies, new use cases for residential storage make navigating the brave new world of energy storage challenging for installers and customers alike. Old ideas around using energy-storage for going off-grid are giving way to economic drivers and a desire for increased control over the energy they produce, and Enphase is providing installers with a clear path and tools to help educate their customers about the new and shifting landscape of solar + storage. 

These new use cases, coupled with a changing regulatory environment, give smart installers a great opportunity to expand their revenue streams and become a more trusted resource for their customers. The Enphase roadmap for solar + storage includes a fully integrated, modular, easy-to-install home energy management system that will make the process easy for installer and homeowner alike. To help installers get even smarter, Enphase has developed a handy resource that allows them to sort through the hype around solar + storage with eight essential questions to consider as they think about adding energy storage offerings to their portfolios.